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Whiskey Women

Whiskey Women podcast seeks to liberate shy or tentative wannabe whiskey drinkers by introducing types and brands of whiskey and discussing them in a delightfully absurd, insistently unserious way. If you like to have your whiskey compared to bad relationships or given senior yearbook superlatives, than sit back, pour yourself the namesake, and listen to two friends explore the feminine side of this historically masculine drink.

Nov 13, 2019

Few cocktails evoke a place more than the Sazerac embodies New Orleans. Made of Sazerac rye, peychaud's bitters, absinthe, and a sugar cube, this cocktail is as beloved and emblematic as Bourbon street itself. Janet and Blair sample the best wares available at the famous Carousel bar, Mahogany Hall, and -- of course -- the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel, comparing the various concoctions to other NOLA staples.